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(Formerly Sunday School)

Mission Statement:

Each family’s house is a Christ-centered home, by each family member living a Christ-centered life! (Joshua 24:15 & Galatians 2:20)

The purpose of the Life Learning Ministry is to instruct men (Titus 2:2, Ezekiel 22:30), women (Titus 2:3, I Timothy 2:9-10), young adults (Titus 2:4-8), and children (II Timothy 3:15, Proverbs 22:6) in Biblical doctrines and principles that will enable them to be disciples of Jesus Christ (John 8:31-32).

Vision: Proverbs 29:18

The vision is that families be strengthened in the Lord (Psalm 127:1). Men will be godly fathers, husbands, and leaders. Women will be godly mothers, wives, and examples to other women. Young adults will grow to be mighty men and virtuous women. The children will be obedient to the Lord, their parents, and those in authority. Through this, others will see the commitment to Christ and be drawn to see how someone lives for the Lord, and to hear the Word of God.

Life Learning classes are held every Sunday morning at 9:30AM. If you have any questions about our Life Learning class, please contact Minister Titus Pearson at