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TABERNACLE BAPTIST YOUTH MINISTRY(Touching hearts and changing minds one day at a time)

We, at Tabernacle Baptist Church (TBC), are excited and filled with great expectation of how God will be using the youth ministry in 2013 to impact our youth for Christ. The TBC Youth Ministry is a Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry that focuses on promoting character instead of standards. By the grace of God, as we add to our youth’s faith virtue, we hope to see our youth abound in their spiritual growth and fruitfulness in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (See II Peter 1:5-8)


Reaching the youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping them with Bible principles that will assure God’s blessings upon their lives. (See Deuteronomy 5:33; Ephesians 6:1-3)


Teaching the fear of the Lord, the value of wisdom, the necessity character, and the reproves of life. Thus, gaining the spiritual maturity to discern what is good and evil. (See Proverbs 1:1-7; Hebrews 5:13-14) 


The youth would become mighty in spirit abiding in the word of God, living a life which is an advertisement for the Christian faith and gives glory to God. (See I John 2:14; I Peter 5:8)

What's In A Name?:

In the scriptures, God likens our children to arrows. This assigns them a purpose and a destiny. It is based upon this wonderful truth that we have given the youth ministry the name: YWAP, Youth With A Purpose. Our goal at TBC is to assist parents in guiding and nurturing their children to fly straight and have their lives count for all eternity.  

Age Group:

TBC Youth Ministry ministers to children, ages six to seventeen years old. With the diversity of ages, the older youth take on the responsibility of being group leaders. Group leaders are an asset and support the instructors in class activities and scheduled events. Group leaders are  challenged to be an example in character development and biblical application. There will be times where the group will divide in order to allow the older children to receive a more age appropriate instruction.

Youth Meetings:

A typical youth meeting consists of biblical instructions, singing, drama, activities, and loads of fun and fellowship. The meetings also consist of prayer, personal testimonies, and a God-honoring atmosphere.

Activities & Events:

TBC Youth Ministry has a schedule of meetings, activities and events for 2013 and encourages parents to please mark them on their calendar. (see list of events below) It is our goal at TBC that our youth develop a real passion for the things of God. Our activities and events will consist of things such as missionary trips, where our youth can get a hands-on experience for the mission field; youth camp where they can fellowship with youth from different parts of the country; youth outings that provide a time of fun and fellowship; evangelistic outreaches which allow them to learn the importance of sharing the gospel, and so much more. Big things happen with big plans and that is the goal of this ministry… so that God may do big things.

How Do I Sign?

Enrolling your child into the ministry is very simple. Parents who are interested will be required to sign a statement of faith and an agreement that will ensure that activities in the home will not be in conflict or weaken the scriptural instructions that their youth will be receiving from the ministry. They also must agree to faithfully support their child in their attendance, home projects, and any other discipline that may be needed. TBC Youth Ministry plays a supportive role to the parents in the spiritual development of their children and is fully aware that without the support of the parents, our efforts would be in vain.


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